A Day in the Life

     Today we started at 8:00 in the morning to go on this car tour. We would see other people's lives and their daily routine. We were going with some of the people that were staying with us, which shockingly made it a lot more fun. Whitney, Ashley, and last but not least, Tim joined us.

     First, we drove for about a half hour when we stopped to see these people building mud roof tiles. The people get up at 3:00 in the morning and stop at 8:00 in the evening😯. If I were them I would quit and try to learn something else and maybe work at McDonald's. But who am I to tell someone how to live? Then they showed us their  oven which they cook the tiles in after they've dried for 3 days. After that, we got back in the car and started driving for a little while to this big town square. There was a little puppy who followed us to a big oven where all the food is cooked for the town. This goes to show you that you don't need a kitchen in every house. Later, we walked around to a museum where they had these old Inca heads that looked like alien heads. They say there was some relation between them. Next, We all went to a gift shop where I got this cool volcanic rock bracelet.

    Finally, we got back in the car to our main destination. It was a little farm with an adobe kitchen and some animals. This may not be be the ideal way to live, but it's all you need. The best part was the tiniest little kittens that you could pick up with three fingers. We ate little beans and then went outside to work in the fields with our hoes. We had to even out the dirt after a storm so water could run through the potato farm. After we had finished. Tim and I hunted for potatoes. We collected 14 potatoes in about 20 minutes and gave them to the two people running the place. They cooked them along with guinea pig, which they serve at special meals. Live guinea pigs were were running on our feet on the floor of the kitchen. After lunch Tim, Maeve, and I went to go wash the two kittens because one had lots of dry hair sticking up. We didn't want to use the sink, so we went to the river. I kind of knew they were afraid of water, but didn't stop. When we got there, one jumped out of the blanket and climbed a tree. The other one stayed, but started vibrating. Tim had to yank the one cat off the tree. By then, the other one ran away, but he was too small to see in the grass. When I finally found him, we made Tim give us the other one. Maeve and I held them steady while Tim cupped water in his hands and dumped it on them. By the time we were done, the owner told us we could ride the donkeys. I was pretty experienced with horses, so I wasn't really scared. When I got on, he wouldn't move, so Tim kept spanking him which sometimes made him move. 

When it was time to go I was so sad about leaving the kittens. To make it worse, the owner held them up to the car window and made them wave good bye.