Ever since we arrived in Bocas del Toro, Panama, I wanted to rent an ATV. To my surprise I couldn't ride one. I was also surprised that you could not literally go where ever you wanted with it. The company said you had to drive on the trail. I thought that was kind of boring. So I thought we weren't going to rent them, but my mom made us go by the ATV shop and talk anyways. To my surprise she said, "Is Thursday good?" In my head I yelled, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" But I couldn't be rude, so I didn't say anything and shook my head no.

When we got on the ATV, I already knew everything about how to ride them from "educational videos." Even though I couldn't drive, I did rev it once. My dad and I were on our own, while Maeve and my mom shared their own. It got exciting when my mom couldn't get up a one foot hill. I saved the day by remembering how the people at the warehouse pulled the ATV. Mom pulled it and was able to get it started. That said, I still didn't get a proper thank you. 

We later found a beautiful spot by a lagoon. It was this pool secluded from the ocean. It was not literally a pool. We swam for a while and then went to take the main highway on our ATVs. We saw some crackled, dry dirt. My dad decided to go through it, when our vehicle came to a complete stop. It turns out it was mud. SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!!

My mom pulled us out with a tow rope attached to her ATV. After that, we went to another lagoon for a swim. It was really deep so we left. Finally, we went for lunch by a beach. I got a grilled PB&J? 


On the way to the ATV warehouse

On the way to the ATV warehouse