Poetry in Motion

April 21, 2016 

I was told by my teacher that there was a poetry recital coming up.  I thought that I might as well give it a try. I found a poem the next day called "Make America Great Again."  It was a joke I admit, but I still won in my class and was chosen to recite a poem for the school. I was then told that I was not allowed to use that poem because it contained an inappropriate word. Well, I remembered that I had the beginnings of my own poem inspired by life's difficulties. So I added a few more lines, memorized it and recited it. I received a participation award.

 I Want to Be

An original poem by Liam Collins

I want to be the savior

I want to be the apocalypse

I want to be the author

I want to be the protagonist.

I want to be the actor

I want to be the director

I want to be the athlete

I want to be the coach.

I want to be the rock star

I want to be the manager.

I want to be a lot of things,

I don't have time to be all of them.
Life is too short or too long.
Life is many things yet not satisfying without a rush.
I live for the rush.
Without a rush I am a bee hive with no honey, a door with no knob, a car with no engine.
Which is why I want to be here, now, for a long time.
Doing all these things.
Because in this age we live for want not need.
With just needs, life is boring.
Otherwise we wouldn't be here.